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About Rhonwen:  


As an artist, I am always looking for unique perspectives to bring creative life to my photography.  This is the basis of the timeless, memorable images I have created for my clients over the years and is the hallmark of my portraiture and wedding photography.


I am a true romantic, and have merged my love for landscape photography and my joy in photographing important family moments.  Being one of six siblings growing up, I was always the one with the camera in hand taking pictures, capturing those candid family moments.


I have a creative background in art, which has been the foundation for my wedding photography and portraiture work.  I have a Master's Degree from New York University in studio art, concentrations in photography & video art.  


I spent a wonderful childhood in Fort Collins Colorado and Radford Virginia.  I loved living in New York City with the art, night life and everything that goes into the daily excitement of urban living.   Now, I live on Cape Cod, where I am raising 2 children, in a serene place of beauty, something I am grateful for every day.


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