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Kind Words From Lindsay Hoyt

After the rush, bustle and hustle of the holidays, I settled down to an evening of catching up on e-mails, and I opened one that truely filled my heart with appreciation. I take for granted at times,that what I do and what it means to people who appreciate my creativity in capturing theri wedding and family with great care and artistry. I am conciensio, and work dutiful until the end, whether it is for my family, and especially in this context, my clients. I was after all girl scout and won the award of the most honorable pleadge in my sorority Pi Beta Phi.

I have Lindsay's words below. Lindsay, thank you! Thanks you for letting me know that you apprciate so very mucht the attention to details I pay attention to when videotaping or photographying a weddinng. iam truely gratful for your trust and confidence!

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